Tuesday, 21 June 2011


I was out running in the fog early on Sunday morning and someone walking on the other side of the road caught my eye.  The figure was dressed in a beanie and coat, so it was hard to make out their gender, let alone identity. The level of excitement as they waved at me could only imply they knew me...but as they moved closer I realised it was a complete stranger.  I waved back enthusiastically.  It was fantastic!  The surge of happy adrenalin I got from such a gem spurred me on for the rest of the run.  I wonder if they thought I was someone else? 

It reminded me of a beautiful friend sharing a similar experience her husband had when he was out running - he ran past a stranger who high-fived him as they crossed paths!  Gem.


  1. Love these amazing moments in human nature!

    Beautiful xx

  2. Makes me tingly!
    Ahhh the simple things.
    Gems. x