Saturday, 30 July 2011

Bella and the park

Bean and I met an adorable Bella yesterday at the park.  Bella marched up proudly and explained "My name is Isabella, but I prefer Bella and I'm four". She asked us to watch her go down the slide and she bounced very gently on the see-saw with Bean.  She looked at Bean and then at me and said "You're her favourite person you know".   It was beautiful - so intuitive and loving. 

I asked Bella if her Mum was her favourite person and the answer was "Oh yes".  She pointed to three women near the swings and said "My Mummy is one of those Mummies over there, the one holding my sister."

The sun was shining and it was really great to meet Bella.  She seemed so wise for four! Are they all like this? Gem!


  1. Gorgeous...I love little moments like these. And agree, so knowing.


  2. Out of the mouths of babes....
    4 year olds are quite wise in my experience - its before they learn to filter!