Thursday, 4 August 2011

Dear Bean

You are the love of my life, the best thing I've done...well apart from marrying your Dad.
When you sing in your cot my heart skips 
- you're awake and I get to come in and see you smiling up at me.

I love that you have ginger hair and blue eyes, even though Mummy and Daddy are both brunette.  I love that you don't really look like either of just look like Bean.

Even though it can be really hard at times, I love that you will only be held by me or Daddy.
When you say "Dadadada" when Daddy comes home it is gorgeous and I feel overwhelming joy for this happy home we have created.

Happy 1st Birthday Darling Bean.
Thank you for being you and filling our lives with love and smiles.


  1. What a lovely post
    We used to have a little one that sang in her cot too - thank you for reminding of that beautiful memory.
    Congratulations on your first year as Bean's mummy

  2. Such beautiful words for a beautiful bean. Enjoy the day xxx

  3. Beautiful, beautiful. What a lucky little bean to have two such loving parents. Happy Birthday Bean.

    One year of being a gorgeous Mummy. xoxoxo


  4. Belated thanks, thanks THANKS to you all! Still feeling the joy...ahhh xx