Saturday, 3 September 2011


Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.
Irving Wallace

This quote really resonates with me at the moment.   I am about transforming my life into a journey of new and different experiences.  Interestingly it began with craft.  I never once imagined I could be creative in these ways.  Here I am though, blogging too.  This is how I feel about making invitations and playing with lovely paper.  This is how I feel about taking extreme close-ups of nature.  This is how I feel about staying up late trying to teach myself crochet, even if I am completely exhausted and should be asleep.  This is how I feel about cooking new things.  This is how I feel about making jewellery or magnets or whatever else I see in the craft shop that jumps out and says "go on I dare you". This is how I feel about tinkering on the piano too.  Simple things that keep me in the moment.  These things delight the senses and relax my mind and I think one day I'm going to discover that I am great at some of them.  I wonder what they will be?

Today I released my second little home and fittingly her name is transform.  Here she is...

I released her in a coffee shop because I am actually trying to transform a disturbing coffee habit I have recently developed (again).  Wish me luck transforming my self out of this one - it is quite naughty, I'm talking in excess of 8 cups a day.  How did that happen?  Anyway, standby headache - yikes!  Do you like to transform aspects of yourself?  Change things, shake them up?  Improve?  Spring is a great time to do some literal Spring cleaning, but some 'self' Spring cleaning too.  I'd love to hear about your transformations.

Please pop over to the lovely 1000 Homes of Happiness too to find out more about these beautiful little homes and the wonderful project that Kellie, Poppy, Ava & Bloss are enjoying.

Last month I also released the little home "Present" - read about it here.

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend. xx

ps...unfortunately I don't think my talent is floor is covered in clumsy little circles that are supposed to be the (easy) start to a granny square...hmmm, I think magnets might be next...


  1. ahhh, I adore this word and all it stands for. Such a lovely post C. I love popping back in here to marvel at your photography. So many wonderful ways in which your life continues to Transform. Thankyou for sharing and for supporting. We are so very grateful xoxox

    p.s - love the release!


  2. Good luck with the coffeedetox. Ihave manged to get down to one cup. You feels so much better.

    Dont give up with the crotchet. I am still trying to learn too. There are so many good things to make.

    Poppingoverfrom Kellie. Such a great gesture... it.


  3. great word, I gave up a similar habit 10 years ago, just 2 or 3 at the moment but I think one good coffee savoured would be ideal.

  4. Transform, fantastic word, I have been doing that with my life since I stopped work 10 weeks ago. Got your link from Kellie at 1000 homes, Im waiting for my 2nd home to arrive. Pop over and say Hi sometime. Cheers Jen

  5. Wow this word resonates sooo closely with me
    love your photography your words, your spirit,
    I have been in transformation mode for a year now and I embrace it with open arms.