Saturday, 17 December 2011

Grateful for all those cakes

I have nearly finished my first ever Christmas cake!  I just need to buy some ribbon to tie around it and it is done.  It was a long process...cutting up fruit, soaking and stirring fruit, baking, feeding the cake with rum...feeding it with MORE rum...and EVEN MORE rum!  Then there was the icing part.  Lots of fun was had and I'm feeling particularly grateful now for all the Christmas cakes my dear Nana used to make every year for all the families in our big family. 

Now I know what she went through (one for her and one for each of her three daughter's families) - WOW!  A massive (and expensive) task for a lady of 80.  Bless you Nana, you were a wonderful lady, for more reasons than lots of great cake. 


  1. Looks fabulous
    My grandma used to do them too - I think we get Lions ones now - which is ok for me cos I don't like the icing but its a bit sad.
    I'm thinking I might enjoy your rum soaked ones a little more.

  2. Wow that looks very professional!! Mum use to make ours every year but no body really ate it so we stick to pudding now :)

  3. Woweee, this is most impressive! Such wonderful memories of your dearn Nan. xoxox

  4. christmas cooking traditions keep those memories alive. It's coconut ice for us. Did you use her recipe?