Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Frustrating search ends with the love giggles

So I couldn't find my keys this morning.  I searched high & low.  I phoned hubby twice (note that he is the forgetful one in this family...I was practically convinced he had taken said keys and put them somewhere random).  Eventually it occurred to me - I have an 18 month old who now walks.  Hmmmmm... "Where are Mummy's keys?"  "Carkey, carkey, carkey".  Adorable.  She didn't actually manage to lead me to them, but I did find them quite a while later inside one of her shoes.

I know many will be driven insane by used to this kind of behaviour, but it is SUCH a gem for me.  A first!  Anyone else out there in blogland with a cutesy story to tell?

1 comment:

  1. That's so gorgeous <3 Everytime we need to find something, Sadie wants to play "detective mynana" (banana) - we have to hold hands, call each other B1 and B2 and go searching - it's the cutest thing ever!