Sunday, 15 April 2012

How good are hand-me-downs?

Just a quick link-up today with Maxabella.  We just went through 5 bags of hand-me-downs & sorted them into sizes, seasons and charity.  We are so very grateful for hand-me-downs!  Great for recycling and great for saving $$$.  Thanks cousins. xx


  1. We love hand-me-downs! We haven't bought any clothes for my daughter in ages. Boys clothes seem to be a bit different - for some reason hand-me-downs come with lots of holes in them. Our neighbour's boy even had a hole in his hat. How do manage to get a hole in your hat?

  2. Hand-me-downs are the absolute best. I tend to be the hander-downer as my children are so big, but I love that the clothes we have have somewhere to go!

    The Badoo gets all of Cappers' clothes and it makes me happy to see them have another go-around.