Friday, 11 May 2012

Sunshine and lollipops

Oh my, I am very excited!  I sent a snail mail parcel to the UK earlier this year in a swapsie with Jodi from Stuff'n'bits!  Vibeke (who by the way has a stunning blog... A Butterfly in My Hair) organised it.  Please stop by both their blogs - such wonderful spaces!

Anyway, Jodi has given Bean's Mummy her first blogging award.  Hooray, the first one!

So, I need to answer 10 questions and nominate 5 bloggers who I think deserve the award also.  Here we go...
1. Favourite colour? Green
2. Favourite number? 16
3. Favourite animal? Birds...used to be pigs...but the flying & freedom thing has won me.
4. Favourite non-alcoholic drink? Coffee
5. Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.  No interest in exploring Twitter.  Am in love with Pinterest.
6. What is my passion? Creating 'stuff' - crafting, cooking, playing music...planning & creating...endless possibilities...
7. Do I prefer giving or receiving? Definitely giving.
8. Favourite pattern? Floral - yikes, I really don't like the word though.  Nice florals.  Funky florals.  Cute florals.  You florals, not daggy florals...
9. Favourite day of the week? Today.  Friday.  Excellent!
10. Favourite flower? Sweet peas and peonies.  I can't decide.

My 5 Sunshine Awards, definitely in no particular order, go to...

1. Jen from Let It Go
2. Ally from Everyday Miracles
3. Kellie from 1000 Homes of Happiness
4. Jill from deux et un garcon (it has been a while - hope all is well)
5. Bron from Maxabella loves...
(Bron OMG that farm party!!!  You were very cool in my eyes before that, but now I'm just in awe)

Thanks so much Jodi and a very sunshiney Friday to all!


  1. Hello gorgeous! You so deserve a sunshiney award and I'm really so happy that you thought of me.

    Parties are my thing. We all have our thing.

    16 is a very interesting favourite number! I bet there is a story behind that!!!


  2. My goodness, sooooooo your thing! 16 - street number in a house/street/time of my childhood when I was very happy. 16 - day in April I was born. 16 has always just seemed sweet to me (whether I was sweet 16 is another story...hehe) x

  3. Yay for Friday's. I LOVE them as well! And yay for this lovely award and for thinking of us.

    Agree, florals is a funny word.

    xoxox Hope you had a lovely mother's day!