Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Funny, but seriously, help?

Recently I was cutting up carrots in the kitchen.  Bean and I were talking about cutting up these carrots and how we were about to cut up some zucchinis.  I'm not sure how, but the subject changed to the 'Bubba in Mummy's tummy'.  Wires were crossed.  Things became confused.  Bean announced with excitement "Cut the Bubba up!".  Whatever my reaction was at the time (to be honest, I can't remember if I laughed or looked utterly shocked), but whatever I did has caused this little Bean to blurt this out WAY too often for my liking, and then look to me for a reaction.  For example: we are in a cafe and there is a toddler nearby with a doll.  Bean exclaims, grinning "Cut the Bubba up!" and looks to me for a reaction.  The only reaction I notice in this disturbing scenario is the look of shear terror on the little girl with the doll's face, as she slinks towards her mother with her baby tucked firmly under her arm.  I don't think her mother heard it...

I've tried ignoring it.  I've tried reasoning, trying to explain we cuddle Bubbas and tickle them.   Any suggestions?


  1. Has she stopped?
    I would have thought if you ignore it she'll forget why it was so funny (hopefully sooner rather than later!)

  2. Still doing it...not as often. I think ignoring is the best option, so I'm going with that. It must be working...I think? This girl seriously has the memory of an elephant. She astounds me with the associations she makes, all the time. There will be no getting away with anything if this little Bean knows about it.