Sunday, 9 December 2012

Making and baking and loving Christmas

I've been busy making decorations this year because we lashed out and bought a HUGE tree!  I'm going to add to the handmade collection each year.  Pop over to The Magic Onions - such a beautiful, positive, creative & inspiring space - where I borrowed the idea for the felt circle tree.

As I type, the drunk fruit you see above (which mind you, has been drinking rum for a week...) is cooking in the oven.  It is the first of three Christmas cakes I'm baking this year and oh my, it smells AMAZING! Hope everyone is feeling merry. x


  1. Fruit mince pies are on the to-do list for us this week!

    THREE christmas cakes. Way to go!

    rachel xo

    1. The last one is in the oven now...I'll miss that smell! Mince pies are amazing - I haven't had homemade ones in years. Chris

  2. Your crafties are adorable. I've always liked The Magic Onion. Such wonderful ideas. x