Sunday, 20 January 2013

Last week: the good, the bad & the ugly

The good...
Bean's Mummy: "Let's stick that on the wall with some blue tac hey?"
Bean: "No thanks Mummy, I want green tac pleeeeeeeease."

The bad...
The look on the 18-yr-old waxing chick's face, mid-wax, as Bubba started to kick and move about, twisting my tummy into all kinds of bizarre shapes.  I'm sure she was freaking out Bubs was about to shoot out - she waxed SO quickly once the kicking began!

The ugly...
Me trying to use the self-serve checkouts at the supermarket (note: all are being used and there are about 4 people waiting in line too).  Bean decides it would be nice to pull her heavily pregnant Mummy's skirt down and give everyone a nice big flash of hideously stylish nana-knickers! I can laugh about

Anything funny going on in your world?  Hope the weekend was fun! x


  1. Lol - sounds a lot like my two - except they like to get up and under my skirt and pull it out as far as they can - and Sadie's a big fan of pulling it up and trying to turn it inside out - and the granny knickers - oh dear - mine are huge!!!

    Hope these last few weeks are treating you well - so looking forward to the new little Bean arriving xxx

  2. Jack is usually pulling my t shirts up or down - and he's well past the breast feeding stage
    Hope all is going well - can't be long now!