Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Beautiful stuff (well, apart from our sweet Olive)

A gorgeous & thoughtful gift from a blogging friend, one exhausted & happy Bean, green fingernails ("like frogs Mumma") and the fact that we're seriously contemplating a tree change...

What beautiful things are happening for you?


  1. Oh, I love <3 How lovely is it to cradle that tiny newborn head and smell the perfect, perfect scent of newness?

    Tree change is the 2nd best idea ever (Bean and Olive being equal number 1).

    My sweet Clementine of course x

  2. Golden times isn't it? Clementine looks so alert in that pic on facebook! She's gorgeous! How are you going with three poppets? I'm finding it very busy, but getting little routines going on now. x

  3. Doing well with all 3, Clementine is very easygoing which is great. Ask me again when S goes back to work though! x