Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Madam says thanks

Waiting in line at the bakery in the local shopping centre, Bean decides to open her container of puffs and tip them all over the floor (those little puffed corn thingys that roll and blow about in the breeze and basically just spread right out).  A few people look and then look away. Bean proceeds to have a minor meltdown as I hop on the floor and begin picking up puffs.  It is not fun.  Everyone is ready for a nap at this point and I'm concentrating on breathing deeply to get through it and buy the bread we need for lunch.  At this precise moment, a cleaner wanders up with a dustpan and proceeds to finish up.  Thank you so much Mr Cleaner with your smiley helpful face!  He calls me Madam - totally not necessary but hey, I'll take it given the situation!  So I'm grateful for his kindness - it gives me a reason NOT to join in with the Bean and start howling.  I'm linking up with Kidspot for themed Gratefuls...yay Maxabella!


  1. Not having to join in the howling is ALWAYS a reason to be grateful :-)

  2. It's always SOOO tempting to get down there on the floor right alongside them! Thank goodness for kind cleany types who come to our rescue and help us through the day. x

  3. It's those moments where you wish, wish, wish you were at home... Reminds me of being in the self serve checkout line at the supermarket and both Brierley and Clover were pesking it up - the lady took pity on me, took my groceries and put them through for me! A little helping hand goes a long way for keeping Mummies sane! x